Friday, January 21, 2011

Tangible Joy - Movement (1985)

This is one of the best Belgian tapes you'll ever hear, I promise. Very hard to find self-released cassette that is perfect from beginning to end. You can get 2 of these tracks on the new Underground Belgian Wave Vol. 2 compilation. Both volumes recommended by the way! Don't want to miss this one. Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - I Know It (I Read It In The Papers)
A2 - Move
B1 - Silent Adoration
B2 - Some Say I'm Drunk (But I'm Only In Love)



jc said...

The songs "Move" and "Some Say I'm Drunk (But I'm Only In Love)" finally appear on vinyl for the first time ever. check out the compilation UNDERGROUND BELGIAN WAVE VOLUME 2 before its sold out!

Vanilla Face said...

^"Vanilla Face like this."

xrt27 said...

...yeah,it appears like a pretty nice compilation indeed,but...why "finally"?
It's not like people knew / expected it to be re-released since...1985 :-)

Would be pretty nice if the whole of the tape was re-issued say as a 7'',
instead of half of it...

Anonymous said...

Just being honest here,but honestly, I didn't hear anything great from this tape. Just my view. Iam sure the second volume of Underground Belgian Wave will be great still. Thanks for your efforts regardless. Would be kool if someone did a rip a of Ian Elms,or the extremely rare tape that 'Inertia' did. I think we've a bettter chance of running into a pink and purple dragon downtown then we do seeing those pop up ;)


Pink & Purple Dragon said...

...keep the goodness/rarities coming!!!

Cindy Looper said...

My illustrious opinion :

One of the best post ever in this blog, i was looking forward to hear this since i've heard that track on the tube. Funny that this rip was posted the same day i've received Belgian Underground Wave vol. 2 (niceeee!!)

Is Ian Elms so rare? I saw at least 3 copies floating around in the past 2 years and one sold for about 100 euros (not cheap but definitely not an extreme price for a record).
And again there are 2 or 3 Ian Elms mp3s floating around, so i guess that someone-somewhere-in summertime, has got the full rip.
Never heard about that Inertia tape and i'm actually craving for it... :D

TVfromBelgium said...

Check out for two singles of Inertia

Anonymous said... price was 95€ back in 2007,
highest was...187€,
and latest ending price was at 110€ (approx).
If it's not that extreme for a record...why not try winning next time and share it with us? :-)

...and of course someone out there has the full rip of it... :-)

Anonymous said...

I appreciate all posts,even if not my poison. The Ian Elms isn't as rare as many that come and go.I have been wanting to hear it for awhile. If I've to get a good vinyl player,and the drothers to pay a hundred dollars or more for a record,I'll send it. I liked this better after a re-listen.


Pink & Purple Dragon said...

...i do have a spare copy of Ian Elms' 12...
ie.if you're willing to meet me downtown,
i'll be glad to pass you over an mp3 rip of it...

Anonymous said...

I'll save us both a trip, and you can send an mp3 rip of it this way. I am sure it'll be appreciated by all here :)


bingo said...

The vocals and some of the instrumentation on this remind me a lot of Tipical Me, a release re-discovered no less by Mr. Walhalla himself. Wouldn't surprise me if the two projects were related.

My new fave of the week btw, thanks!