Sunday, December 12, 2010

Various - 391 Umbria (1983)

Fantastic spread of artists on this Italian compilation. I can't say quite enough about each and every artist here. Unlike a lot of compilations, I can happily listen all the way through this one without missing a beat. You'll hear everything from minimal synth to post-punk on this scarce tape. Some favorites being the recently re-issued Aidons La Norvege, Syndrome, Die Crucis, Mengue, and of course X-Offender. Not 100% sure of the exact release year. Anyone? Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - Brain Machine - Intro
A2 - Brain Machine - F.A.L.L.
A3 - Die Crucis - Flaming Desire
A4 - Aidons La Norvege - Ostaggi
A5 - Aidons La Norvege - Bellinz Lager
A6 - Plan K - Esecuzione
A7 - Plan K - Trottima
A8 - Warhead - Don't Vex The Dead
B1 - Syndrome - Don't Rustle
B2 - Syndrome - Rock New Life
B3 - Mengue - African Beat
B4 - Militia - Echi
B5 - X-Offender - Wehrmacht
B6 - Strange Militia - Ho Paura Dei Bambini
B7 - Choking Sensation - Nine



Morte In Umbria said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! Fantastic compilation especially Mengue "African Beat", brilliant song!

Anonymous said...

Nice Compil!

Anonymous said...

Great post and great blog!Never heard of a duo called Endless Nostalgia from Italy? Here's a link. Ciao.

Harold said...

this one just continues to amaze in its awesomeness!


PlĂ­nio said...

One of the best compilations i've heard!
Greetings from Rio!

Anonymous said...

hello everyone... I've been so amazed to see this compilation on a blog!! I was only seventeen years old when I produced that, after many searches in to find demos of the bands (active and from the past) in Umbria. I still have many of them in my country house... Thank you to everyone who commented on this post, it has been amazing for me to see after all these years (it was 1987 if I remember well)this cassette here!
Just wnated to make you know that another one exists called 391 MARCHE, including bands from that region...

Anonymous said...

It's amazing.
Thank you for sharing.

•Gillo, thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

GAH!! This is no longer up, Would it be possible for someone to rehost this great comp? My HDD crashed and I'm slowly trying rebuild my music collection.