Monday, November 22, 2010

Near Paris 12" (1985) - Re-uploaded!

Just a notification that the Near Paris 12" has been freshly ripped and re-uploaded. Get it here.

If you have the previous rip, you will notice how vastly superior the sound on this fresh copy is... I was very careful about getting the best sound out of it (aside from some tough to avoid pops here and there), and I think you'll like the results. Play it loud for the best effect ;D.

As a personal aside, I absolutely adore this band and its brilliant duo: Gerald F. Nelson and Dana Riashi. Two incredible people that I'm happy to call my friends.

Stay tuned, as there just may be further material showing up here soon...



Anonymous said...

Highly appreciated - thanks!
Sounds WAY much better than the previous rip that i had around here...

Audrey said...

Sound is better indeed.
I Love this band.

DeeKay said...

This one is really great! Thank you!

Somebody who can recommend me anything similar in style?


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this!sounds far better. Is there a way to re-upload better quality version of Tora tora-Antinéa 7"?