Friday, October 22, 2010

Di Leva - The Single Man (1982)

Di Leva (also known as Thomas Di Leva) is an alias of Swedish musician Sven Thomas Magnusson who has had quite a few releases up to date. Most of what I've heard came from the early/mid 80s and is more or less pop-based, so I can't speak for the content of his modern material. This 7" single is the real treasure, for me, among all his releases. The title track, "The Single Man", is a cover of US poet and musician Rod McKuen who originally penned the song in the 60s. Needless to say, Rod didn't take the dark minimal synth approach, but that's ok because Di Leva did! He was kind enough to add a solid synthwave track to the b-side, as well. Great record, enjoy!

Track List:

A - The Single Man
B - Appear Of Need


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely fantastic.


I Richards said...

Loving the b side "Appear Of Need" nice build up.

Anonymous said...

Haven't listened to the original, but "Single Man" is just beautiful! The singer a bit Bowieesque when he gets high, which isn't a bad thing.