Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aaah...! - Unreleased 3rd Single (1984)

Here we have a set of songs that were intended to be released as a single (the band's 3rd), but unfortunately never quite made it there. You can get the 1st single here, and the 2nd here. I should note, this is not an official album art, as there never was one. For me the sound is just about in between the more serious approach of the first single and the playfully pop approach of the second. As with the Input:Output single, the vocal work here is done by Henry Kent, not Kez Stone. Both tracks are pretty slick, hats off once again to the Aaah...! boys. Enjoy!

Track List:

Love Torpedo
Love Toy



Anonymous said...

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man, you're the best! keep em coming!