Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Decades By Night / The Sons Of Monkeys - Split (1981)

Sorry for my absence lately, life has been calling (I've been trying to respond)... I think what I may do is create another Crispy Nuggets compilation... a Vol. 2, if you will. We'll see... stay tuned.

I have to thank my friend Neale from All The Madmen (first track on CN1) for sending me a copy of this mega scarce 7" from the UK. It just so happens that he was also a member of the B-side band, my favorite from this record. There's a bit of clicking and popping here and there on my copy, sorry about that! I've reduced it as much as I can without destroying the overall sound. That sound, by the way, should appeal nicely to true minimal synth lovers.

As a side note, my other friend Stephen is releasing an All The Madmen record soon, so keep an eye out for that one, and buy it! Not to be missed! Enjoy.

Track List:

A - The Sons Of Monkeys - Me And Mr. Suzuki
B - Decades By Night - Life Spiral



Anonymous said...

...the 'Sons Of Monkeys' sounds like A Certain Ratio in a twisted mode,pretty cool,
the 'Decades By Night' is certainly the real catch though...

frankie teardrop said...

b-side kind of reminds me, melodically, of hysterica passio, but less clubby. and that's always a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post, it's always great when the artists themselves share their old records, this time their music can be appreciated by a worldwide audience. Love the b-side.

Anonymous said...

my brother grainger is singing in the sons of monkeys and he saddly died july 26 2009 aged 48 i am really proud that his music is still living on

Vanilla Face said...

Sorry to hear about that, Anonymous. Glad to be helping his music live on.

Anonymous said...

That is great about a reissue of All The Madmen -- but it is disappointing seeing that Stephen/Obscure is the one behind it because I think many who have been using eBay for several years know his motives. I guess he is going to try to turn it into the next Dark White! Oh well, guess I won't get a copy unless I want to pay $50+ for a new pressing from him -- which is not going to happen and is ridiculous.

It is funny that it is him though since he has tried to make other feel inferior over-the-years since he was too good for reissues of any sorts! 1 more recent post that I recall: