Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dusk To Dawn - Places You Will Never See (Cassette) (1994)

I don't often dig up items from the 90s, but sometimes they're worth it. I know some of you want nothing to do with anything that falls outside of the decade beginning in 8, but bear with me on this... I'll get back to feeding your sweet tooth soon.

This is the 2nd and last cassette released by the band, I've never heard the first (if anyone wants to be a pal and share it --- UPDATE: Now posted here on Kentucky Fried Wave). These Germans make a brand of synth-driven, semi-goth rock that really appeals to me. The tracks "Fading" and "Far Places" are the standouts that I seem to keep coming back to on this particular release. Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - Separation
A2 - Fading
A3 - Out Of Sight
B1 - Deception
B2 - Hearts Lied Open
B3 - Far Places



Harold said...

this is great. thank you! viva 90s!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, melancholic, dramatic synth pop with fantastic tunes. They must somehow have managed to stay in 1984. Thanks for uncovering this, and I would love to hear their first attempt, too!

Phil said...

Amazing album. Thank you for sharing. Is there any information where can be found the 1st release - ?

TravisTrelkovsky said...

You can download one song from their first release here:

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Travis!

pop80s said...

This is the best work from Dusk to Dawn, the song fading is incredible, I've contacted with Achim Zolke from dusk to dawn, you can find an unreleased tack on my blog:

All the best.


Nicole said...

This is fantastic - great post! Thank you for sharing. If anybody manages to track down their first release I'd love to hear it!

Glau said...

Thanks for sharing, "Crawl" on the other blog, is fantastic! I looove Dusk to Dawn. Wish they could have released more than just two tapes. Snif! I'm also looking for the 1st tape. Anyone out there have it?! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello everybody :)
Dusk todawn is re-united since this year. find us on facebook :

and on souncloud :

we have already recorded three new songs and will release them when prodcution is finished, so keep an eye on us :)


atemporal said...

Coming Soon:
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All the best.

Ximo Ballester
Atemporal Records