Sunday, February 7, 2010

Various Artists - Climax (Cassette) (1985)

Well, I have to start this post by saying this is probably the best tape compilation I have ever heard. Probably the best compilation on any format, actually. I almost want to tell you to stop reading this and just download it ASAP. If you download anything from this blog, or forward anything I've posted to your friends, this would be a great place to start.

This tape features some of the best from Belgium. Absolutely crisp, dark, icey, danceable synth perfection throughout. Many of you will be familiar with the Asmodaeus track, as well as the Emotional Violence track called "Feeling The Cold", which has floated around the internet incorrectly tagged as "Asmodaeus - Feel The Cold".

There's an interesting and somewhat humorous note on the insert:
Writers note: it was my intention to make you a cassette with a large amount of variations and I succeeded quite good. You see, I bring you: depression of Asmodaeus, semi-industry with Magthea, romantic stuff from Somnambulist, commercial acts from Emotional Violence, Schicksal and Braindamage.
Haha! ..."and I succeeded quite good"... No arguments from me. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that this is, of course, related to the Climax Productions LP I posted a while back. Well, I think I've rambled enough about this for now. Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - Schicksal - Time
A2 - Schicksal - Saturday
A3 - Danton's Voice - I Hear The Bells
A4 - Somnambulist - Mystical Landscape
A5 - Braindamage - Captive
A6 - Asmodaeus - Radiation Dance
B1 - Somnambulist - Ashamed
B2 - Braindamage - Braindamage
B3 - Asmodaeus - Meet You In Poland
B4 - Emotional Violence - Spider's Web
B5 - Emotional Violence - Feeling The Cold
B6 - Magthea - City Fever
B7 - Magthea - Saxa Pullations



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frankie teardrop said...

all right, i'm excited.

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wow thank you so much!

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This is pretty cool material...

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tomas b said...

truly one of your best posts... and that's saying something. cheers.

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could you help me out with more Asmodaeus songs. I've got two killer songs on cassette from them which don't appear on that compilation. I'd quite appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

you were right. this was spot on, and perhaps the best i've heard from your blog. (though i only found it about a month ago) been listening to it for a week now.


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Meet You Poland: Foetus covered it? Or is it a Foetus cover?? Very close in date!

Anonymous said...

It's a Foetus cover, I don't believe mr.Thrilwell could have heard then or even now of Asmodaeus.
They also released a track on the Cabbage tape compilation
and a demo cassette.. with a couple of great covers too ;)

mila said...

thank you! i was looking for it!!!

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Could you please upload it again? The link seems to be gone! Thanks

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Please re-up? Thank You!