Monday, August 24, 2009

White Pain - Paroles Absurdes (1986)

NOTE: Now freshly ripped (track A2 was faulty)

This LP is really fantastic, I must say. An example of perfect French minimal synth/wave. I've listened to "A Kick In Your Mind" about 100 times today. You definitely need to check that one out.

Track list:

A1 - Tomorrow's Enough
A2 - Nowhere To Go
A3 - State Of Mind
B1 - Différentes Attitudes
B2 - Get Out
B3 - A Kick In Your Mind
B4 - Paroles Absurdes



Anonymous said...

Wow, this is indeed one crispy nugget!!

Amazing how the 80's seem to be a bottomless pit of brilliant music still to be (re)discovered.

many thanks and keep going :)\

Anonymous said...

ok, got to write an additional comment...

just listening to "A Kick In Your Mind" - holy cow, goose-bump synthpop.

again, many thanks

Timmi said...

Thx for this post, i listen now for the 2nd time to this album, blows me back into coldwar childhood mood like some other really great posts here on this blog.


Anonymous said...

This is not the same version of "Nowhere To Go" that appears on the LP version. The LP version has a faster tempo and male/female vocals. I believe the version you have originates from their demo cassette.

Vanilla Face said...

@ Anonymous:

After a bit of research, I think you may be right. In fact, I think the rest or a few others could be from the same source. If this is true, I'm sorry. Hopefully people can still enjoy these. I certainly can. I'll do my best to track down the correct/full version.

If anyone out there has it, please share!

Anonymous said...

please reup

a pitch black kraut sabbath said...

Such great songs!! really close to perfection imho - this one deserves a re-issue. NOW.

Effetto Ganzfeld said...


Anonymous said...

Je viens juste de m’offrir une platine vinyle pour réécouter ce 33trs que j’écoutais régulièrement dans ma jeunesse. Comme le résultat de lecture est minable, c’est comme cela que Je vous aie découvert. Ambiance totalement new wave 85 origine Lyonnaise. Dommage que ces anciens jeunes n’aient pas eu leur heure de gloire!