Thursday, May 28, 2009

Plane of Section - Looking at Pictures of You (1984)

Been a while since I've posted something... So, how about this mlp from Netherlands. This is one you can just play and enjoy all the way through. Title track is great, and it's followed by a track that... for some reason, reminds me of the Legend OST in parts. A little saxophone and plenty of soothing synths. The rest of the tracks are good too! Enjoy!

Looking At Pictures Of You (5:38)
Live By The Night (6:01)
The Girl (4:23)
Hold (5:06)
Moving On (3:53)



Anonymous said...

Very nice album.

Anonymous said...

what a great time we had with our band ! and still available... AMAZING , see you all. Jan Willem Panders ( drums ).

Diogenes said...

This should be cleaned up and rereleased, seriously. I have been loving the Girl, singing along, for four years now. I just found the other demo today with the Raven, etc. A nice rereleased mixer would go over well methinks.

Erick Galo said...

You are awesome