Friday, September 25, 2009

Ignatius Jones - Discography (82-83)

Ignatius Jones is an Australian actor who was initially the lead singer of the band Jimmy And The Boys in the late 70s and early 80s, before breaking solo to create the following releases. On Like A Ghost, both the title track and "It's No Reason" were originally written by Steve Kilbey of The Church. You'll find that Jones' versions add a bit more of a new wave flair to the songs. The next release, Whispering Your Name, is quite good as well and a bit hard to come by... I'll provide videos for each release below. Enjoy!
Oh, I believe there was also a 12" called Double Dance Monster, which had different versions (lengths) of each title-track, which I do not have, so if anyone out there wanted to share it... ;-)

Ignatius Jones - Like A Ghost (12") and (7") (1982)

12" Track List:

A1 - Like A Ghost (An M & M Mix)
A2 - Seductive Ways
B1 - Like A Ghost (Original Version) (6:32)
B2 - It's No Reason


7" Track List:

A - Like A Ghost (3:28)
B - Seductive Ways


Ignatius Jones - Whispering Your Name (7") (1983)

Track List:

A - Whispering Your Name
B - It's No Reason



Anonymous said...

Man, "It's no reason" is such an amazing but underrated song!

Gordon said...

A video for Whispering Your Name was posted on YouTube a few days ago.

buy essays online said...

Actually Ignatius staged the Independence Ceremonies of the Democratic Republic of East Timor for the United Nations. Corporate events include the Jeddah Economic Forum in Saudi Arabia, which he produced in 2005

Anonymous said...

I remember two of his songs made a big splash back in the early 80s in the states. Like a ghost and Whispering your Name. Heck even in backwoods states like Maine in the early 80s New Wave was really taking over. Though Maine has been the backdrop for TV series like Dark Shadows, Casper, all the way to Stephen King novels so we enjoy spooky out there sort of sounds. Maine is sort of a country unto itself and in the 70s and 80s had a more England sort of feel. It has big cities like Portland and Bangor and yet has extremely rural backwoods towns. It was funny to see a lot of people that would listen to country and western music also had new wave albums in their collection. I remember Ignatius Jones being one of them. But he didn't seem to stick around very long an soon people forgot about him as the 80s moved on. I liked how eclectic he was.

Anonymous said...

I met him when he was promoting this stuff years ago in Brisbane..

way back before the Myer Centre, there was a cinema called The Paris..(i saw Alien and Star Wars there)..anyhow it closed and became a book shop and he wandered in..

I said i was a fan and didn't have my vinyl...he signed my hand anyway HAHAH

Anonymous said...

ahhh ps...

Whispering Your Name has been deleted,

please please for a re-up!