Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Step Chant Unit - Painting Pictures (1985)

Finally, a new post. This 12" is pretty pop for this blog, but visits us all the way from New Zealand, so the least I can do is give it a fair shake. Step Chant Unit were a pop/wave group featuring Zed Brookes (bass, vocals), Neville Sergent (drums, percussion), Sue Toms (keyboards) and a succession of guitarists, including Brian Brighting, Mark Wilson and Roy Forlong. The band was active from 1983-1987, releasing this record and a cassette called "I.C. Dream" in '83, which I do not have to share, unfortunately. The title track spent some time in the NZ charts, and reminds me a bit of The Psychedelic Furs. The b-side contains a slightly darker track and a pretty nice spaced-out/filtered mix of Painting Pictures. Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - Painting Pictures
B1 - The Game
B2 - Painting Pictures (Alternative Mix)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lo-fi Synthpop 3

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Nowhere To Run Festival '16!

My friends Jean, Andi, and Jose Luis are organizing a post-punk festival in NYC in August, featuring an incredible line up of artists from various times and places. Highly recommend attending if you are able!

Facebook event page with further info and links


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Low Fun - The New Dictator (1983)

I've had today's post laying around for a bit, but due to the interest of an Italian buddy it's now ripped for your listening pleasure! The cover was enough to sell me on this Canadian obscurity, but it's one of those rewarding times where the tunes hold up nicely. 

To my knowledge, Low Fun were a duo from Victoria BC (Canada) headed by James Ross, perhaps better known as the former bassist of the band The Keys. James teamed up with songwriter Geoff Botting to create this 2 track single which sadly managed to slip under the radar - but you know me, I can't be having that! 

The title track is instantly catchy and probably should have found its way onto a movie soundtrack or something. The b-side is reminiscent of an early OMD style ballad, with just enough driving beat to keep you grooving throughout. Without further ado, enjoy!

Track List:

A - The New Dictator
B - Words We Left Behind

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Glass Lady - Glass Lady (1985)

Here's a serious favorite plucked from obscurity, at long last. It took a few years, but I finally tracked this baby down. Freshly ripped by yours truly and passed over to my partner in crime, Frankie who you all know and love from the illustrious SOR blog, still going strong! He will be cross-posting this for added exposure, and for the story of how we first heard about this little gem.

We'd gotten together at a Martial Canterel show on a cold night in NYC, and Sean (MC) told us he had some tracks we needed to hear on tape. So we hopped in his ride and he played a collection of obscurities compiled by a friend and fellow collector in Germany. It didn't take long before our eyes lit up, and the hunt began. Frankie was able to track down one of the favorites we'd heard, which you can check out here. Both had eluded us until recently, which just goes to show it's often a matter of time and persistence.

The sound on this should be a lot better than the low quality rip we'd circulated before. I ripped it direct and Frankie EQ'd it perfectly, I'd say. Please do enjoy this quirky slice of New Wave history! Stay tuned for more.

Track List:

A - Glass Lady
B - Glass Lady (Dub)


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

LOG - League Of Gentlemen (1985)

I know it's been a long time since a new post, yet again, so I figured I'd drop something off in time for xmas. 

Freshly ripped as of last night, we have a rather mysterious 12" from Switzerland. There's not a lot of info to be had about this one other than the fact that it was produced in 1985 with the help of one Peter Felippi, who appears to have released under his own name as well, back in '82. The band members are unknown and only referred to as "LOG".

In any event, they offered up 4 solid tracks of pure synthpop, exhibiting clear influences from Depeche Mode, Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark, and so on. There's a nice balance of style & approach between the dance-friendly opener "Computer Love" through to the carnival-esque ballad closing track "Car Park". Do enjoy, and we'll see you in 2016!

Track List:

A1. Computer Love
A2. Prostitute Sue
B1. Lite By Nite
B2. Car Park

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Effetto Joule - Stars Your Memory (198x)

This is not just a new music post, but also an announcement of sorts. Some of you are aware of my partnership with Medical Records LLC, in which we have worked together to help put out some of the best reissues and new releases you'll find anywhere. This post is a promo introduction to some of the tracks we will feature on a future release. I encourage you to follow the Medical Records LLC facebook page for updates!

Thanks to the connections of some dear and long-term friends in Italy, I was introduced to this amazing band and subsequently able to setup the aforementioned release. Now, the details:

Effetto Joule began as a 4-piece electro-synthpop band from Bologna, Italy, in 1987. The band was comprised of brothers Valerio (vocals) and Flavio Biagi, Valerio Tassinari, and Massimo Chericoni (who would later leave the band). Effetto Joule's sound was, for me, instantly catchy. Their tracks are full of rich and warm melodies layered across pulsing electronic beats. It's bands like this that are the epitome of this blog, and I hope you'll agree. EJ released 2 cassettes and a 12" titled "Roberspierre", which will also see a re-issue on Mannequin Records, featuring a remix from world-famous italo DJ, Fleming Dalum. All the while, the band had recorded quite a lot of demos, some of which we have chosen and carefully curated for the upcoming LP release. Don't miss this one! Enjoy.

Track List:

 01. Active Ray
 02. Quasar
 03. Chlore Dress
 04. Pleasure For Fantasy
 05. Stars Your Memory
 06. Videotone (Live)

(note: these are not the final versions that will be used on the LP and digital downloads, nor is this the full track list for the LP)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lo-fi Synthpop 2

Made another lo-fi synthpop mix, enjoy!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Exxess - No Heaven's Tears (1984)

Oh, what, so you thought I was retired? Ok, in fairness, I've been horrible. Absent. Asleep at the wheel, even. I do apologize. There are still nuggets to be had, and I will keep trying to get them posted here for your listening pleasure!

At long last, we have a true gem of a cassette published in the endlessly generous country of Italy, in 1984. I mean, it's Italian so I don't need to say much more -- you already know it's going to be good. But lend me your ear (eyes) for just a moment.

Exxess were a 4-piece band from Osimo/Ancona, centered around Joe D'Elirio, a man you will learn and hear more about if all goes well with my plans for this blog. These songs, for me, fit right in with other Italian wave favorites like Chromagain, Intelligence Dept, etc. For now, we're just scratching the surface of the criminally under-rated and somehow still unknown works and aliases of JDE.

Big thanks to my friends Gianlorenzo and Andrea over in Italy for bringing these tunes to my attention. Hopefully much more to come! Enjoy!

Track List:

01. Walkin' Down The Subway
02. Deep Water
03. Marilin's Pills
04. No Heaven's Tears
05. Ghiaccio
06. Mad Haus (Live)


Bonus links:

The previous post 391 Marche contains two JDE related items (Modi and Marilin's Pills)

You can like and follow these Facebook pages for tons of info, music, and images from the Italian wave underground:
391 Marche / 391 Piemonte / 391 Toscana

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lo-fi Synthpop Mix!

Hi all, new posts coming (I promise!). In the meantime, enjoy this mix of obscurities!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Artistic Control - Dance With Me (Crispy Edit)

Created this for my good buddy Kez (Aaah...!, Artistic Control, Imago, etc). The original version of this track was featured back on Crispy Nuggets Vol. 2 -- Hope you enjoy the video!

Crispy Nuggets Vol. 6 around the corner...?

Friday, April 18, 2014

New Music: Ortrotasce - S/T LP (2014)

Thanks to the generosity of one Mr. Joey Buttons, owner of the relatively new Disko Obscura label, I've been granted early access to the next record to join his line-up of analog synth diamonds -- and it's the bomb.

Ortrotasce is the project of Nic Hamersly who, if you follow contemporary minimal synth artists, you are likely to have heard of by now. After a slew of web releases, a few tapes, and a 7" on FlexiWave, the time has finally come for a full-blown LP. The album represents a collection of tracks that Nic recorded across the US from 2012-2013, now mastered by A.J. Tissian, who has done work for Martial Canterel, Xeno & Oaklander, and Automelodi, just to name a few.

As an avid follower of Ortrotasce's music, I was quite pleased with the selection of tracks for this LP. In my quite humble opinion, Nic is one of the most versatile artists in underground electronic music today. Whether it's minimal, electro, ebm, coldwave, synthpop, cosmic, or even the more post-punk gothic stylings of his other project, Warmline (briefly reviewed here) -- it seems he can do it all. Tip 'o the hat to Disko Obscura for managing to corral and showcase a wide array of stylings, without sacrificing the cohesive feel of an album.

This has easily ranked among my most eagerly awaited releases, and I'm sure many of you already agree. Below you will find 2 free downloads provided exclusively for Crispy Nuggets fans. They do have excellent taste, afterall. The LP should be sent out from the pressing plant to European distros on May 7th, and the remaining copies will ship to Joey out of San Francisco on May 12th, then out to customers on the 16th. Please contact Joey for details. He'll start taking US pre-orders on the 7th! Enjoy!

Track List:

A1. World Un Related (free download!)
A2. Diffuse
A3. New System
A4. Shatter
B1. The Body (free download!)
B2. Losing Mind (listen on Soundcloud)
B3. Expanding Room
B4. Passion
B5. Exit

Please like and support this artist and label:
Ortrotasce on Facebook
Disko Obscura on Facebook 

Bonus! Ortrotasce performing "World Un Related" live at my underground synth night here in Orlando (best viewed in 720p):