Saturday, March 5, 2016

Low Fun - The New Dictator (1983)

I've had today's post laying around for a bit, but due to the interest of an Italian buddy it's now ripped for your listening pleasure! The cover was enough to sell me on this Canadian obscurity, but it's one of those rewarding times where the tunes hold up nicely. 

To my knowledge, Low Fun were a duo from Victoria BC (Canada) headed by James Ross, perhaps better known as the former bassist of the band The Keys. James teamed up with songwriter Geoff Botting to create this 2 track single which sadly managed to slip under the radar - but you know me, I can't be having that! 

The title track is instantly catchy and probably should have found its way onto a movie soundtrack or something. The b-side is reminiscent of an early OMD style ballad, with just enough driving beat to keep you grooving throughout. Without further ado, enjoy!

Track List:

A - The New Dictator
B - Words We Left Behind


Anonymous said...

Found your blog not that long ago and you have some amazing music.Hope everything is great because it's been a while. Thanks!

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