Saturday, March 20, 2010

Various Artists - Cabbage Part 1 (Cassette) (198x)

Another super scarce tape from Belgium. The first in a series of... four, I think. Lots of recognizable names here, providing a good range of sounds. Everything from minimal synth, coldwave, experimental, and even one brief moment of punk/hardcore (not exactly my cup of tea). Great shows from Vita Noctis, Palais Des Bauzards, Unovidual, Absolute Body Control, The Misz, and Inflammable Liquid. Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - Mark Hanley - Rain Song
A2 - Vita Noctis - On A Day Like This
A3 - X-Ray Pop - Mama
A4 - Palais Des Bauzards - Going Under
A5 - Unovidual - Wardance Dub
A6 - Matthew Sommerville - 3000 Welds
A7 - S.O.D. - Tank Realistiskt
A8 - Absolute Body Control - Me And My Desire
A9 - Zanoisect - Exploded Cabbage Brain
B1 - No Unauthorized - Brain Cabbage Surgery
B2 - Pascal Massün - Silent Thoughts
B3 - The Misz - Het Is Geen Werk
B4 - Vita Noctis - Execution
B5 - Magthea & Unovidual - Cold Shadows
B6 - Inflammable Liquid - Teenage Wildlife
B7 - De Fabriek - Chibomptrompia
B8 - Narzisse - But That's For Later



bX-59cppw said...

Kick-ass post...10 out of 10! ;-)

Anonymous said...

great, great tape..

frankie teardrop said...

Hey man, still having major issues with most of your posts. None open up or load on itunes properly without having to re-encode the files to remove a pop at the very beginning of each track. they work (sometimes) in winamp, but playing them on an ipod is also impossible.

are you ripping these yourself? if so, it might be the program/method you use.

is anyone else having this issue?

frankie teardrop said...

to clarify, here's what i have to do to get the files to open in itunes/ipods:

open audacity. sometimes, there's a loud pop at the beginning of the track, sometimes there isn't. remove the pop if so. either way, re-encode at original bitrate. problem solved, tracks open and play just fine on all mediums.

obviously, this diminishes the quality a bit, so i'd rather not do this regularly. the files play in winamp (which i use at home to play and update my ipod), but are not itunes/ipod compatible.

all of your recent posts (ian north, vogue, anti-matter, k.a.d) have this problem. others do not, but i reckon these are the ones that are donated.

i've read the previous suggestions regarding apple and how this must be an incompatibility with the program. can't seem to find a fix that doesn't involve re-encoding the files. i hope you can sort this out for good, man! sorry to be a pain in the ass about this.

Vanilla Face said...

I'll look into it when I get a bit of time. Hopefully if someone else is experiencing this problem as well, they will report it.

frankie teardrop said...

keep me posted, man. again, i have a workaround, but it's a time consuming and dicey one, at best. i think someone else reported the same problem on the plugpoint music post.

bX-59cppw said...

...frankie,as a temporary solution,to avoid re-encoding mp3s,try one of the following...
1)Either mp3directcut:
2)Or pcutmp3 here:
Dl here...

Last thing that comes to mind,in case the culprit is somewhere there...
Try to remove all tags from the mp3 files in question,
before attempting to play/import them in iTunes/iPod,
ie.maybe iTunes interprets the tag info in the header of the files as audio data,
thereby it 'clicks' while parsing them...
Quickest way i'm aware of for doing so is via:
Command is simply "tag --remove *.mp3" to recursively parse the files...

frankie teardrop said...

will give it a shot! i'm just baffled at this point, so i'll try anything.