Saturday, December 5, 2009

Vision Factory - Bird From Fez (1990)

Nice and somewhat weird gatefold 7" from Germany, hot off the needle. If you're a fan of Lisfrank type vocals (like I am), you'll probably like these. The music is a bit more strange and experimental, but still quite good. Enjoy.

Track List:

A - Bird From Fez
B - Tremendous Mates



JVR said...

very weird and does sound like lisfrank. cool thx

Anonymous said...

hi guys...this is SUKUL from the vision factory, i was the german man who made this songs...when you want new material from me...just mail to from germany... i still have some bird from fez singles that i didnt sold. they are original and never played...if you have interest.. mail

Unknown said...

Hey, I have this!

I bought it from a friend who was dealing in this music (Frank Hintzmann, DJ from Zwischenfall).

Cool stuff!

Anna said...

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