Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Faded Image - Modern (1984)

So after my request for Move's self-titled 12" was finally filled by Mr. Frankie Teardrop with the help of Pieter @ Wierd Records, I decided to post up another gem from Italy. Really nice synth wave 12" that I think deserves some recognition. On the same label that would release XNO's Angel 12", 3 years later. Worth checking out. Enjoy.

Track List:

A1 - Instanity
A2 - A-Totale
B1 - Strumentale
B2 - Sleeping City
B3 - Il Nuovo Tempo



Anonymous said...

Hey, really liked this band alot friend. I don't knwo if you are just not one to re-post, or if you just happen to have these odd -n-end vinyl that no-one has put up yet. Either way, kudos. Iam glad to have found this blog some time back, and am always curious from day to day if you've posted something new to 'digg. Thanks brother...

Admin said...

i own this vinyl as well as the Move LP and of course XNO (that i ripped) - it exists also a second album from them, not so great btw

Anonymous said...

No-matter the shine in the day, there is always the grey lining visible for mr. peter m. Is good to hear from you again. Hope the mannequin label is doing good. It seems to have started out with some good releases. Take care everyone.

Kitlope said...

Anyway you can make this music available in lossless or at least a better bitrate of mp3?

Vanilla Face said...

Sorry Kitlope, I don't actually own this one, sadly. Otherwise I'd post it in V0 (VBR), like usual -- or lossless as per your request.