Sunday, December 6, 2009

Various Artists - Burning The Midnight Sun (1984)

Here's a nice compilation of Norwegian tracks that I decided to rip this afternoon, because... well, I've got nothing better to do. Quite a few recognizable names, with top tracks from each. Favorites here would be Svart Klovn, Blue Mathue, and De Press... who I believe are still active to this day. Plenty of good listens here, mostly on the A-side. Enjoy.

Track List:

A1 - Fra Lippo Lippi - A Small Mercy
A2 - Svart Klovn - Knust Knekt
A3 - Holy Toy - Wojtek
A4 - Blue Mathue - In Our Dream
A5 - De Press - Total Corruption
B1 - Tim Story - The Seventh Chance
B2 - Eyeless In Gaza - To Ellen
B3 - Paha Sapa - Dawn
B4 - Bearburger - With Two Mouths Biting
B5 - Popol Vuh - Agape Agape



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

to stupid to type...., sorry for deleting my previous comment.

What I wanted to say:

Genius, absolute genius.

I hope you're gonna indulge us with many more musical nuggets.

kind regards

Anonymous said...

a great comp! many thanks!
Btw, could I ask you a favour: wouldn't it be possible to re-up the two Derriere le miroir demos? I can understand about the official releases (which I have anyway), but these two demos should be possible, no? Would be great, as I am a longtime fan of In my rosary & related bands.



Vanilla Face said...

@ soundmill: Thanks for the comment, I will try to keep delivering the nuggets ;)

@ anonymous: I believe every track from those demos is a part of the amazon downloads, but send me a message over at and I'll see what I can do.

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Anonymous said...

hi there,great blog.maybe you know any if any other tracks from papa saha ever released from uniton or another label? 222