Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ulrich - Message Pirate (1980)

Consider this a hold-me-over until I have a bit more free time. I've got some tapes and the like, which require a bit more attention, but they are coming rest assured! And so is Crispy Nuggets Vol. 5!

Here we have a French 7" that should appeal to fans of bands like Nuit Des Stars, Partenaire Particulier, etc. The title track is instantly catchy (check out the injection of echoing female vox). Unfortunately, the b-side is a total snoozer. Maybe save that one for right before bed. I have his LP and it's just as bad, otherwise I'd post that too. But yeah, Message Pirate! Check it out. Enjoy!

P.S. I didn't bother with scans, and just stole the image from discogs, but if you want higher quality images, just shout.

Track List:

A - Message Pirate
B - Il Neige Sur Paris-Nord


MIke Brandon said...

love your blog. don't mind waiting for your posts, cuz they are always killer.

cheers from NYC.

Anonymous said...

oh, this is gorgeous! never heard before, thanks a lot! xxx

Jacques Cochise said...

Powerfull track! THX