Tuesday, May 10, 2011

L'An III - Les Internés De La Raison (1990)

Ultra obscure self-released tape from France. Very dark and upbeat throughout, with a mix of male and female vocals (always a plus). This is the 2nd (and last?) release by the band, the first of which you can get over here. The discogs entry for this tape has an extra track (hand-written in on the image). Not sure if it was intended to be included, but my copy doesn't have it. Maybe someone can shed some light on the matter. Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - Les Vatours
A2 - No
A3 - Ciel Bleu
A4 - Grida
A5 - Raison
B1 - Mister G
B2 - Place Chinée
B3 - Pas De Ce Monde
B4 - Interdire
B5 - Artistes



Michelle said...

...incredible amount of great rarities / lots of kisses from France! xxxxx

sorrow-vomit said...

I have this one too (with the white cover -- so not sure if different pressing/xerox cover???)... but it does not include any extra tracks. The discogs version looks like a promo because I have quite a few tapes like that were the bands dubbed some additional tracks to the end and hand-wrote on them... unless the original owner dubbed the extra track him/herself.

Graf Haufen said...

In your entry you linked to another tape of the band, but sadly the link is dead and the blog no longer maintained. If you happen to have this other tape (and their tape "2" possibly as well), would you consider posting it in your blog? I really enjoyed the roughness of this band...

GoComic said...

Joins the request overhead

Vanilla Face said...

Here is the other tape: