Friday, March 18, 2011

Lister - Aber Das! (1982)

They asked for minimal synth; minimal synth hath been received.

Track List:

A1 - The Bugaloo
A2 - Could I Have Your Autograph?
A3 - The Brown Shoes Incident
A4 - Rapuntzel
A5 - From The Love Nest
A6 - Walk On Water
A7 - Lipstick Moon
A8 - Another Pedestrian
A9 - I Wonder (Dub)
B1 - The Crawling Contest
B2 - Stains
B3 - The Real Star Of The Movie
B4 - I Wonder
B5 - The Third Person
B6 - Rapuntzel (Dub)
B7 - Maybe The Jokeman


P.S. Stay tuned / Keep it locked / Don't touch that dial


Anonymous said...

fraid not ! can't get past UPS advert

Vanilla Face said...

Hm. Try again, or perhaps try a different browser. Maybe one with "adblock plus" extension, like Chrome or Firefox (you have to add the extension).

Link seems to be working fine for me. Anyone else have a problem? If so let me know and I'll investigate further.

Crash The Driver said...

Link works fine for me, using Firefox. Looking forward to hearing this!

bX-59cppw said...

Keep it locked?...
Whoooah! Bite!
Release the bats Nick! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! Been dying to hear this lp forever

Anonymous said...

For once I don't really know what to say other than I liked this ;)


MORNING said...

thanks a whole lot for this!!!

is there any chance you'll eventually dig out the rest of Lister's stuff?... i'm really curious about their "Oh Sweet Destiny" album!

thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!

_sto said...

some three years late I can let you know that "oh sweet destiny" is vey good, too. maybe I'll get around ripping it one not so busy day

Fiskepudding said...

1987 album Oh Sweet Destiny available here:

1981 single Morten Munk's Glade Dager here:

The rips are not perfect, but they're perfectly listenable!

Valadrem said...

This is awesoome