Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Luxus - Careers And Futures (1981)

'Twas the night before Xmas
When all through the house
Not a record was spinning
Not even John Maus

The needle was dropped on the record with care
In hopes that great sounds would be found there

The needle was nestled all snug in its groove
While sounds of great synths could not improve

Ok, I ran out of ideas so I have to stop the carol there. Wanted to put this up while I still have time before packing up to leave for the holidays! First let me say, what a great sleeve! This one was just begging to be checked out, and the synth magic beneath does not disappoint. Really obscure 7" from the US that I'd only recently discovered. I really hope more information on this band pops up, because my hands are empty and I'd love to know more! (update: see comments for further details and another release, compliments of Frankie Teardrop!)

I'll be back in 2014... perhaps with a... compilation? Enjoy and happy holidays!

Track List:

A - Careers And Futures
B - Spots On The Wall



frankie teardrop said...

Hey babe,

This is actually the first of two releases by this band, the second which I posted here:


Long story short, thanks for filling in the missing piece!

Vanilla Face said...

Nice! Thanks for that update, I knew this name was familiar for a reason (I should have googled a little harder). Now if only you could finish my Xmas Carol.

VanceMan said...

Thanks for sharing this interesting slice of music!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!! Thx Frankie and Vanilla/Dollorosa

Merry Xmas

Anonymous said...

thank you for this