Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Well, not the kind of update you're looking for, I'm sure. But I needed to make this a while ago. I am aware of all the dead Mediafire links, and I apologize for that. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to go re-upload all of them. I will try to do it soon, little by little.

Once I find a hosting site I want to use, I'll put up a few more new posts, and I have an announcement to make as well. Stay Crispy.


Anonymous said...

So glad you're still alive. Keep 'em coming, we love the work you do.

Um... Mediafire not any good any more?

MIke Brandon said...

thanks for everything thus far!

gunter said...

I'm glad you're still alive
and offering a music
quality, hard to find
and very good.
very good job of yours friend.
encouragement and thanks for
your blog