Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Picture Book - Laughing In My Hand (1984)

Ok, so it's been kind of a while. I've had a few different requests lately. Everything from, "Hey, can you post the b-side of Picture Book?"... to... "Hey, where the hell did you go? Post more shit, asshole!". Yes, I admit, I've been absent for a long time. Sorry about that. The personal life has kept me quite busy, but I should also mention that hidden 80s gems, although plentiful, have for the most part been uncovered. Very few diamonds left to uncover, I wager. Not to suggest there's nothing left to find. There is. I just have much less time on my hands to hunt them down. What's more, I've wanted to keep the quality of this blog's posts at (what I consider) a very high level. I never intended this to be endless. A new post every week just for the sake of posting. So that you can download it, skip through it, yawn and/or roll your eyes, and never listen again. There are a lot of blogs out there that can serve that need. I will probably never shut down this blog altogether, but posts will be much more sporadic and random. I do have a completely badass tape from France planned at some point in the not too distant future. You'll love it. Ok, enough out of me, I've wasted enough time.

You've heard the title track of this 7-inch on CN4 but as I said above, the b-side has been requested... so here it is! Pretty slick record and extremely rare, that's for sure. There happens to be a copy of it up on eBay at the moment, so bring your A-game if you plan to be the new owner. By A-game, I mean a lot of money. Anyway, Picture Book were a UK trio: Steve A, Lesley, and Steve B. They appear on the excellent Subtle Hints compilation, as well as another compilation called "Against The Tide". I haven't heard the song featured there, but I surely would like to. It's called "Scarlet Everywhere", so if anyone out there can help, please do! The band has a Facebook and are very friendly, go give them a like and say hello. Enjoy!

Track List:

A - Laughing In My Hand
AA - Reflex Action

Download (
Download (direct)

P.S. You can here an alternative version of the song, here.


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