Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Calendar Crowd - Listen In To The Heart (1985)

Here's a tasty little number from the UK that I'd been tracking for quite some time, until stumbling upon it for a price that I'd consider irresistable. Well, as a result, here it is for your listening pleasure. The first 2 tracks are nice in their own gloomy, droning right... but the real gem from this one is "Perfect Hideaway Dub". There's a 7inch for that track, but unfortunately I don't have that one, as it is spaced out, icey minimal goodness. Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - Listen In To The Heart
B1 - Questions Answers
B2 - Perfect Hideaway Dub


Synth-o-Mat said...

The 7" you're looking for is "not spaced out" but it's not available as a cheapo! Very good, because otherwise every student and wanna-be who declares himself these days as a 'real minimal synth' collector but in fact is a fashion victim of the 80ties hype would buy such gemms for low ... and in some years he'd follow the next big 'hype' ... some things have their prices and this is fine in this way ... and some pearls will hopefully stay in the fog of the past forever!

craterscar said...

wrong. since i was 15, i spend almost all my money on records but i hate when they are or get pricey and buy expensive ones only in a few cases, when i love them.

i find extremely stupid statements about being pure and true VS being a fashion victim... there is nothing good in being an elite. knowledge and experience should be shared and music must beknown and listened (sold and bought also)

god bless blogs, forums and reissue labels (cheapos gems and lucky finds).

Vanilla Face said...

Synth-O-Mat: by 'spaced out', I was referring to the sound, not the availability or price :o). Maybe I should have worded it more clearly. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

craterscar: Thanks for the sentiments. I have plans for quite nice re-issues as well. Keep an eye out :-)

Synth-O-Mat said...

Vanilla Face: Well, I hope my opinion was not misunderstood as it was NOT positioned against you. I really like your (and some other) blog(s) as it is always a good chance to get known to some unknown pearls - even someone is collecting for years nobody knows all and for me as I'm not too experienced to make mp3s I'm glad to find some of my records here in this format ;-)
The main thing which is really pissing me is the fact that some people who don't want to spend a lot of money for music (and even not supporting newer groups by buying their stuff but always looking for their downloads) are getting infos for ZERO, then checking the net incl. gemm, eBay, etc., have the luck to get records for cheap and then offering them for a ridiculous high price on eBay (for example)!! Where is now the fuXXin' idealism? And this is exactly the reason I'm not sharing all my knowledge about unknown gemms anymore - I don't want to feed such blowflies!
Blogs have two faces: the good one to get great music & infos - and the fact some of them are going in the wrong hands.
As I said it was not my aim to push you - I really like your blog - but some people are just here for the $$$!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing this gem! Would love to listen to the undubbed version of "Perfect Hideaway". Unfortunately the track you find on YouTube is the dub, too.

olderskool said...

The price is right, and there are 7 hrs & 19 mins left... :-)

ORMUS said...

Hello, this is really very good. But the link has died. What would the chances be of an reupload? I can't find it anywhere else!

Hacienda Heights Boilers said...

Thanks grreat post