Saturday, February 19, 2011

Die Idole - Self-titled (1982)

Check out that sweet pants & boots combo! Ahem, sorry, the music inside this cover is pretty great as well. One more from Deutschland before I retire for the weekend. Really great NDW that was summarized perfectly by the legendary bX when he said, "like Abwärts going synth". No other releases that I'm aware of outside of a 7" single that contains 2 tracks already found on this LP. They have one other song called "Neue Zeit" on an unofficial v/a CD-r from 2003 that I wouldn't mind hearing, if anyone happens to have it. Enjoy!


A1 - Alles Oder Nichts
A2 - Nova Kultura
A3 - Hautnah
A4 - Sorglos
B1 - Grossstadtleben
B2 - Pfahl Im Fleisch
B3 - Helden
B4 - Langeweile


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the saucer people said...

Many many thanks for keeping the Die Idole album from falling down the memory hole, most appreciated!

Really cool postpunk NDW synth-led tracks and if you enjoyed this check out another album the keyboard player Rainer Herzog was involved with which is the rather splendid electronics/spoken word album by Schnawwl called "Schlussphase" and is posted on the mighty Mutant Sounds:

Though my German is restricted to the odd phrase like 'collapsing new buildings' and I couldn't understand a word they were on about, it is still a very enjoyable listen.