Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spiral Visions - Danse Macabre (1982)

Incredibly hard to find EP from this British synth wave band. Spiral Visions is an alias of the slightly more well-known Vision. As per usual, not a great deal of time to write about this one, but the a-side takes the cake for me. The chorus of "Despair" is wonderful, and "Voices" is a true gem! Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - Despair
A2 - Voices
B1 - Picture Portrait
B2 - Dance With Me

Download (re-up 10/08/13)

P.S. Happy holidays to everyone! I likely won't have a fresh post until the new year, but expect big things. January should see a few top-notch 7"s from France, and by way of popular demand: Crispy Nuggets vol. 4!

Most exciting of all, I'm planning to re-issue a band from this very blog. Here's your hint: The band is great. ;D


BCR said...

thanx as always for sharing these lovely obscurities...looking forward to more goodness in the new year!

the sgamo said...

I hope you are going to reissue White Pain?

Anonymous said...

big thanx from patagonia.have a good year..

Marco GĂ©lido said...

please re-up this record!! :D