Saturday, November 13, 2010

Detachments (UK) 2010

Been quite a while since I last commented on a contemporary band, usually because most of the current day acts I like are pretty well-known by most everyone (Xeno and Oaklander, Automelodi, IAMX, Spleen United, Led Er Est... the list goes on).

This band, Detachments, haven't been talked about too much, at least within my circle of friends. They've put out a a few singles starting in 2008, and released a full length album this year. Highly recommended, I might add. Here are two of my favorites from the band:



So, anyway, just thought I'd mention it. Hope you dig it. Here's a link to the label which has a few other nice releases on it as well.


theCOLDTEARS said...

Crispy Hey, Thanks for the suggestion ì.
This is a great group!


Anonymous said...

I like them. I've got their discography, minus one cover song they did.

Anonymous said...

Normally I frown upon modern acts but these guys are very good! brb, getting their discography.

Anonymous said...

Been following them since the R3mote days and their debut has been well worth the wait. There's no doubt it will take the No.1 slot on my Top albums of 2010. The only problem have with this album is that i wish they would have used the "Circles" b-side version of "H.A.L." instead. I think it fits in with the tone of the album better but both are stunning nonetheless. I give this album 10 out of well as the previous singles.

Anonymous said...

Since Detachtments are getting a spot....let me see: Let's mention The Bridgeheads,Colder,Whitey,Joy Disaster,ZzZ,Romance,Velvet Condom, me out here guys. I love these neo-post punk left field bands that have came out. Can anyone think of some others I haven't heard yet? Always looking for further suggestible sounds ;) Thanks


Anonymous said...

These guys are just awesome! Thanks a lot!

David Russel said...
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