Friday, August 13, 2010

Factual - For The Song (1984)

Here we have the last release from Tennessee-based synth band, Factual. You can get the earlier 2 records here on Goutroy's blog to complete the discography. A while back I posted another Robb Earls project called Warm Dark Pocket, which you can get here. Mr. Goutroy did most of the work on the bio, so I'll just say this ones right about in line with the rest of Factual's material. The title track is a truly great blend of guitar and synth work that shouldn't disappoint. It reminds me of Epitaphe, a bit. The b-side is of course a remix of the title song taken from a previous 12", also quite nice! Enjoy.

Track List:

A - For The Song
B - Psychotic Romance (Remix)



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Anonymous said...

Not bad. If you would like to hear another interesting album from Knoxville,Tn check out Pegasi51's cd I posted on my sad little blog:

Is a very good album.

I Richards said...

Fantastico! "For the Song" is charming and excellente! Nice vocals.