Monday, May 3, 2010

Various Artists - VM Cinque (1986)

Here's a very nice collection of artists from Italy. A 2LP limited to 600 hand-numbered copies, which was included with VM fanzine "5". This will appeal to those who dig classic Italian cold, darkwave style. Suicide Dada is the standout for me by a slim margin, just see"Acque" for my explanation on that. What a track! Check it out and enjoy.

Track List:

A1 - Destijl - Il Vaso Di Pandora
A2 - Destijl - La Sfinge
A3 - Destijl - Taiga
A4 - Destijl - Assab
B1 - Suicide Dada - Acque
B2 - Suicide Dada - Grida!
B3 - Suicide Dada - Echi
B4 - Suicide Dada - Porto Sepolto
B5 - Suicide Dada - Waiting For September
C1 - Intolerance - Drugs
C2 - Intolerance - Terminal State
C3 - Intolerance - 24
C4 - Intolerance - Wait And Kill
D1 - Regard - The Empty Day
D2 - Regard - Happy Lifes
D3 - Regard - We Are Here
D4 - Regard - J'aine Le Noir



Alex said...

A reup would be nice. Love Destijl... Thanks anyway for all the great stuff on u r blog.

Always cold;


paneke! said...

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Capa Nostra said...

Wow, Thanks!

Admin said...

hi, do u own this record? is hard to find in Italy itself, i posted the VM 4tape

Unknown said...

this album is so good! been on repeat for days. thank you!!

Serge said...