Monday, October 26, 2009

Max & Intro - We Design The Future (1985)

This is a somewhat unknown 7" from Yugoslavia, and I'm fairly certain it's the only release by the group (but I'd love to be wrong). I am also going to include three Max & Intro demos (2 from the 7", and 1 other), because they're great. I actually like the "Beogradska Devojka" demo better than the 7" version, and "Los De Jan" demo is great too. Check them out!

Track List:

A - Ostavi Sve
B - Beogradska Devojka


Max & Intro Demos

Track List:

01 - Ostavi Sve (demo)
02 - Beogradska Devojka (demo)
03 - Los De Jan (demo)



James said...

you're right that demo is much better than the 7 inch version. hadn't heard of this before, tho it sounds familiar. thanks for posting!

Ognjen said...

Hey I get some extra demos;), it’s pretty trashy in compare with We design the future 7" but it’s something. So, unfortunately, as far as I know it would be all from this amazing artist who lived(R.I.P.)in Belgrade, Serbia (ex Yugoslavia) and also my hometown. I’m very impressed and glad that you uploaded this, it’s very rare and precious!

link 4 download:

Vanilla Face said...

Thanks for sharing the demos, Ognjen!

c.bren said...

i believe that the culprits behind this band were some of the same as behind sizike, master scratch band, etc., at least Milutin Stoisiljević is credited as engineer and is the only non-pseudonymous member listed!

intro said...

ako mogu nekome da pomognem sa informacijama, s obzirom na to da sam ja bio Intro u bendu

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with a project called "Max , Intro & Dududi" ? I remember hearing it once, but can't find any info on it ...

Gvozden Buzdovanovic said...

@intro: Veliki pozdrav! Odrastao na ovim vinilima. Nesto najbolje iz kuhinje SFRJ!

Anonymous said...

Hej Intro, naravno da mozes, to bi bilo odlicno. Imas li kontakt email?