Monday, August 31, 2009

Class Action - Class Action (1984)

This one is interesting for a couple of reasons. Initially the record comes off as rather pop sounding, but as it goes on it becomes less and less so. Before too long you'll be reminded of bands like Neon, especially in some parts of the vocals. I'd have to say that "Blast Off" and "Well Designed" are my favorites from this one. Overall a nice piece of minimal wave with some truly great synth melodies.

Track list:

A1 - Out of Time
A2 - Break Away
A3 - Blast Off
B1 - Violence (Daylight Turns To)
B2 - Well Designed

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! Impossible to find this e.p. Blast Off is awesome,glad i finaly get to hear the rest.

Anonymous said...

Thank You! This is so lovely)

MDiaz said...

Thank You very much for this one hard to find blast from the past!